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About Isla Bank Butchery

Craig Hamilton purchased Isla Bank Butchery in 2008, when Isla Bank’s previous owner, Alistair Burgess, (who Craig had worked with for 10 years) retired in 2008.

Isla Bank is managed by Craig Phillips, who is also a shareholder in the business. Craig Phillips started out as a butcher’s boy with Craig when he was just 12, and Hamilton has him earmarked as the future of Isla Bank Butchery.

Isla Bank Butchery is not Craig Hamilton’s only business, he also owns and operates the nearby Woodlands Butchery, which Craig purchased in 1999. He also expanded into the dairy next door to Woodlands in 2005 and now offers delicious hot meals and home baked pies out of Woodlands.

Isla Bank Butchery has a real focus on homekill service, and providing this service to support the local rural community. Hamilton believes the homekill truck at Isla Bank may have in fact been the first in the area.

Hamilton has a real focus on supporting the local region through employment and Isla Bank and Woodlands do this through butchery apprenticeships.


Craig Hamilton - Owner and Operator of Woodlands and Isla Bank Butchery

Craig Hamilton - Owner and Operator of Woodlands and Isla Bank Butchery

Craig Hamilton is the owner operator of Isla Bank Butchery and Woodlands Butchery. He has certainly put in the hard work to have his own butchery business in Southland. He grew up in Woodlands, and went to the local school with the son of then owner, Lloyd Wyeth.

Like most, Craig started in the butchery business as a school child, working as a cleanup boy after school. He always dreamed of owning his own business, and when the opportunity presented itself, Craig purchased Woodlands Butchery in 1999. He went on to purchase Isla Bank in 2008.

Craig is the Slaughterman on the Homekill truck and believes the homekill truck at Isla Bank was the first in the area. Craig puts some of his success in business down to having a real focus on service to the local community.

He lives by the business motto; “Don’t do tomorrow what you did today.”


Craig Phillips - Isla Bank Butchery Manager

Craig Phillips - Isla Bank Butchery Manager

Craig Phillips started as a butcher’s boy with Craig Hamilton when he was just 12. He started his apprenticeship at 16, and has been working as a qualified butcher for over 10 years. After working at Woodlands Butchery as second in charge, Craig took over the management of Isla Bank in 2012. Craig enjoys being out on the homekill truck, getting to know his customers. Craig has always loved being a butcher. Every day is different at Isla Bank butchery and he enjoys the challenge of his role, especially the challenge of continuing to grow the business. A Woodlands local, outside of work, Craig enjoys socialising, hunting and dirt bike riding.


Richard O’kane – Butcher

Richard O’kane – Butcher

Richard started at Isla Bank in 2003. He’s a butcher with a lot of experience behind him; he started his apprenticeship in 1987. He’s spent time working at Alliance freezing works, Mair venison, Australia Meat Holdings in Rockhampton, Countdown Butchery and Woolworths Butchery Glengarry. He enjoys the variety, and that every day is a new challenge at Isla Bank butchery. He enjoys processing meat to pristine condition for his clients, giving back good quality meat in a nice package. Richard is known as the maintenance man at work, and outside of work is into DIY, watching the rugby, and spending time with his son.


James Grey – Butcher

James started at Isla Bank when he was about 12 years old, and has continued to work at Isla Bank for about 10 years. He completed his apprenticeship about three years ago, and really enjoys being a qualified butcher. He particularly enjoys making sausages and doing up meat for trade in the shop. He finds it rewarding to get good customer feedback, and says the people he works with make the job. Outside of work James enjoys helping out on the family beef farm in nearby Wallacetown.


Karen Sellars - Meat packer and Retail

Karen Sellars - Meat packer and Retail

Karen has been with the Woodlands and Isla Bank team for over 10 years, with six years at Isla Bank and five years at Woodlands. She enjoys the pressure of her role when it’s busy, and getting great customer satisfaction. She says the staff at Isla Bank and Woodlands are a tight knit team. She has to multitask a lot in her varied role, and finds having a sense of humour, and getting on well with customers, key to her success. She finds building great customer relationships satisfying in her role and to the business. Outside of work she enjoys spending time out in the garden, in the (often fleeting) sunshine. She enjoys spending time with her (now grown) children and three granddaughters.


Tracey Bolger - Meat packer and Retail

Tracey has worked at Isla Bank for nine years. She’s brings a wealth of experience to her role, as she’s been in the industry for 33 years. She likes the team that she works with at Isla Bank and in her day to day has a variety of tasks to complete, from opening the shop to packing processed meat, rotating stock, to answering the phone, and serving customers. Multitasking is a big part of her role and she enjoys chatting to customers. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family, and socialising with friends.


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