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Homekill Truck and Trailer

Isla Bank Butchery offers a complete on farm homekill service for beef, and sheep and pigs. This service offers a simple no-fuss service from paddock to plate.

After slaughter, all meat is tagged with the owners’ name, to ensure the client always gets their own meat back.

Isla Bank Butchery turnaround times for Homekill are as follows:

  • Beef has a 7 – 10 days turnaround period between arriving at the butchery and being available for pick up.
  • Sheep meat is generally available 3-5 days after carcasses are delivered to the butchery for processing.
  • Pork, cuts are available between 5-7 days post slaughter.

Things to consider:

First choose which shop you would like to sort your meat. We come to your place with all the necessary equipment required and slaughter the animals on your property.

  • Have your sheep in a small pen or trailer.
  • Beef during September to April (dry months) need to be left in a small paddock which is handy for our truck to access
  • Beef during the wet months, need to be in cattle yards or pens or have a tractor available to take the animals back to the truck.
  • Please note that our truck is very heavy and high so wet paddocks and low hanging trees can cause problems.
  • Offal removal can be arranged at an extra cost, however if you have a trailer, or tractor, or large sacks it can be put in these for you for easy disposal.
  • We offer full service for Pig slaughter/scolding. Phone the butchery for a booking.

Paddock to Plate Homekill Experience Option:

Follow your Homekill Beast or Sheep from the paddock to plate!
To arrange a time to follow your meat through our butchery process, please enquire when providing us with your processing instructions. A highly informative experience that we highly recommend.


Homekill Booking

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