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Pricing for Isla Bank Homekill Processing

Woodlands can do a range of processing to meet your needs. Go through to the specific animal page (beefsheep or pork) and fill in the processing form. Woodlands can also process a range of other meats like goat and venison plus we are more than happy to discuss processing game meats, please call us for details and pricing. 

Our Homekill Abattoir at Lorneville has yards suitable for all stock trucks and we have a free courtesy trailer available. 


Sheep Killing Prices

At Lorneville Abattoir: $30.00

On your property: $35.00

Rams Killing Prices

At Lorneville Abattoir: $35.00

On your property: $40.00

Processing Sheep Prices

Sheep (basic options)  $38.00 each

Small Goods are priced at $5.00/ kg

Dog Tucker (frozen free flow): $28.00 each


Beef Killing Prices

At Lorneville abottoir: $135.00

On your property: $155.00

Processing Beef Prices:

Cattle (bone in weight): $1.70/kg

Small goods are priced at $5.00/kg


Pig Killing Prices:

At Lorneville Abattoir (under 80kg): $80.00

At Lorneville Abattoir (over 80 kg): $100.00

On Farm Skinning: $85.00

Processing Pig Prices

Processing baconer pig: $155.00 (Plus an optional extra all bacon is vac packed $1.00/ bag)

Processing fresh pig: $130.00

Small goods at $5.00/kg

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